High Frequency Heating Furnace

  • High Frequency Heating Furnace
  • High Frequency Heating Furnace
  • High Frequency Heating Furnace
  • High Frequency Heating Furnace
  • High Frequency Heating Furnace
  • High Frequency Heating Furnace

high frequency induction heating furnace is used to melt copper,iron and many metals.

High Frequency Induction Heating Furnace main characteristics:
>With IGBT power component and current inverting technology, and parallel oscillating circuit is used. 
> wide frequency range from 1KHZ to 20KHZ, it is easy to match the machine according to the parts and heating desire. 
> due to the parallel oscillating structure, it is easy to get the best matching of the machine to get high heating efficiency and full power output of generator.
> due to the high technologies of inverting control, soft and accurate switching control is realized to assure the high reliability and low repair of the machine.
> small size , compared with SCR controlled machine, only 1/10 working space is needed, greatly reduce occupation space.
> High efficiency and energy saving:,a high power factor and power efficiency within the scope of full power. 
> With wide frequency range from 1-20KHZ automatic tracking ability, no need adjustment at scene. 
> 100% duty cycle , 24hours continuous working ability at maximum power. 
> Constant output voltage or power control modes are alternative; 
> Full display of output power, output frequency, output voltage and current。 
> simple operation: operation can be learned in a one minute. 
> simple installation: connect the machine to 3phase 380VAC and cooling water only. 
> timer can be chosen to preset and adjusted the heating time, heating power, retaining time, retaining power respectively to control the heating curve and heating temperature.

Model DW-MF-15 DW-MF-25 DW-MF-35 DW-MF-45 DW-MF-70 DW-MF-90 DW-MF-110 DW-MF-160
Input power max 15KW 25KW 35KW 45KW 70KW 90KW 110KW 160KW
Input voltage 70-550V 70-550V 70-550V 70-550V 70-550V 70-550V 70-550V 70-550V
Input power desire 3*380 380V±20% 50 or 60HZ
Oscillate frequency 1KHZ-20KHZ,according to the application ,normal about4KHZ、8KHZ、11KHZ、15KHZ、20KHZ
Duty cycle 100%24hours work
Weight 50KG 50KG 65KG 70KG 80KG 94KG 114KG 145KG
Cubage(cm) 27(W)x47(H)x56(L)cm 35x65x65cm 40x88x76cm
Main parts of the melting furnace system :
  1.  M.F Induction Heating Generator.
  2.  Melting Furnace.
  3.  Compensation Capacitor