Gold,Silver,Copper Melting With Induction

Gold,Silver,Copper Melting With Induction

Induction Melting is widely used for Gold Melting, Silver Melting and Copper melting. The systems are used in any realm of gold melting from High and Low Production Mining facilities to Precious Metals Refining entities to precious metals wholesale and retail buyers looking to melt their metals for more accurate assays.

Induction Melting offers a number of benefits over traditional methods of melting. First off, Induction Heating is considered a Green Technology, as it does not put off any harmful emissions into the atmosphere, since heat is being generated by alternating magnetic current into graphite or SIC crucible. Other advantages are very fast heat up times, frequency stirring for more homogenous melts and induction melting technology does not heat up the atmosphere the user is working in. The only heat being generated is the heat from the actual melt.

DaWei Induction Heating's supplies several series of systems for melting gold, silver and copper. The Saturn/Shuttle Electric Melters are an entry level system designed for small shop melting. They have a long life and provide accurate temperature measurement. Typical melt times for a full load of material is about 45 minutes for the first melt and 20-30 minutes for subsequent melts.

For fast melt times for small batch gold, silver and copper melting the DaWei Induction Heating  EasyMelt Induction bench top melter is offered. They are perfect for both low and high volume melting and the compact design allows each model to fit easily on a bench-top. The EasyMelt can melt 2 kg of gold in approximately 10 minutes and can be used for repetitive melts all day long.

For larger volume melts, DaWei Induction Heating  offers their “LC” and “S” Lift and Pour series smelters. These systems can be set up for processing up to 4, 6, 10 and 12 kg of gold using power supplies from 5 to 25 kW of power for fast melt times. A full volume of gold will melt is approximately 10 minutes and the volumes for silver and copper will be less than the gold volume. The LC Lift and Pour series is highly flexible, were a customer can purchase a 10 or 45 kg machine and purchase a smaller induction coil that can be installed in minutes for smaller batch melting.

For larger volumes yet, DaWei Induction Heating’s Tilt Pour induction melting systems include the LC Tilt Series. The LC Tilt series is available in 15, 25, 60 and 160 kW of power and capacities of 15, 40, 100 and 150 kg of gold. The LC tilt systems are equipped with touch screen control panels to operate the system and monitor the critical operating data. The 15 and 25 kW systems operate with a motorized tilt via joy stick control, which can be operated at the furnace or remotely, while the 70 and 160 kW systems are tilted with a hydraulic tilt system.

melting gold,silver,copper furnace with induction

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