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Induction heating is widely used for inducton brazing applications. The reason for its popularity is heat can be applied to the surface and the filler material very precisely.By having the capability of applying heat to a precise area the overall processing time is reduced significantly form what is experienced with a furnace or direct flame heating. Oxidation along with structural or chemical changes in the treated parts is reduced to a minimum. Substantial savings in energy costs are realized for medium and high production rates.
Power requirements are generally low, e.g.: from 6 to 3000 kW. Our portable transistorized power supplies are ideal for many brazing applications. Various types of inductors can be used such as, external, internal, multi-turn, pancake, hairpin, proximity inductors, etc.
Induction Soldering & Brazing machines serve industry sectors including automotive, aviation, liquid gas and white goods. Materials brazed include, aluminium, brass, copper, alloys, iron and stainless steel etc.
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induction brazing  induction brazing
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