Induction Welding Tube and Pipe

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DaWei Induction Heating Equipment Ltd offers a full range of solid-state induction welder systems fitted with induction heating coils or/and contact heads. Our induction welding solutions are primarily found in the tube and pipe industry.
The tube and pipe industry is closely connected to other sectors and as the demand increases within these sectors, this industry had to adapt to meet the needs of these sectors.Induction heating within this industry is being used in processes for induction welding, tube annealing, seam annealing, hardening, tempering and stress relieving. Induction heating is increasingly being used because of its high energy efficiency, ability of in-line production integration, precise temperature control and high dimensional accuracy.The weld current is transmitted to the steel through a work coil. The work coil does not make contact with the tube. High Frequency induction welding eliminates contact marks and reduces the setup time required when changing tube size. It also requires less maintenance than contact welding.

All our induction welders have rugged, independent full-bridge IGBT transistors. These transistors are virtually short-circuit proof, considerably boosting reliability and uptime.
You also get more output thanks to our continuous electronic load matching. This secures full power output across a wide range of tube sizes (OD 3/8”-26”/10mm-600 mm), ensuring maximum welding speed for each size.
Moreover, you can reduce your power consumption. The efficiency from input at the rectifier to output at the coil is, at least 85-87 percent. And the use of diode rectifiers results in a high, constant power factor (0.95) at all power levels—thereby eliminating the need for costly reactive induction power compensation capacitors.

Welding tube with induction