Hot Forming and Foring with Induction

hot forming forging induction

Metal induction forging and hot forming are excellent induction heating applications. Industrial forging and hot forming processes involve bending or shaping a metal billet or bloom after it has been heated to a temperature at which its resistance to deformation is weak. Blocks of non-ferrous materials can also be used.

Induction heating machines or conventional furnaces are used for the initial heating process. Billets can be transported through the inductor via a pneumatic or hydraulic pusher; pinch roller drive; tractor drive; or walking beam. Non-contact pyrometers are used to measure the billet temperature.Other machines such as mechanical impact presses, bending machines, and hydraulic extrusion presses are used to bend or shape the metal.

The approximate hot forming temperatures of the most commonly used industrial materials are:

• Steel 1200º C • Brass 750º C • Aluminium 550º C

Total Induction Forming Applications
Induction heating machines are commonly used to heat steel billets, bars, brass blocks, and titanium blocks to the proper temperature for forging and hot forming.

Partial Forming Applications
Induction heating is also used to heat parts such as pipe ends, axle ends, automotive parts, and bar ends for partial forming and forging processes.


To heat a stainless steel "J" tape to 3 000F from room temperature at a rate of 15 feet per minute. The material is to be heated to aid in forming the "J" shape from flat stock.

Material: Stainless Steel "J" Tape measuring 0.562" wide, 0.028" thick and continuously fed.

Temperature: 3000F


The DW-HF-35kW output solid state induction power supply along with a fifteen (15) turn rectangular helical coil were found to produce the following result: 3000F was reached on a 6" section within 2 seconds in a static test which translates into over 15 feet per minute.


DW-HF-35kW output solid state induction power supply including one (1) remote heat station containing one (1) capacitor with a value of 1.2 |iF, and a unique fifteen (15) turn oval coil 6" long, 1 1/4" wide and 1" high.

Frequency: 55KHz

hot forming with induction