Annealing-Termpering Wire Line With Induction

annealing wire line heating copper wire tempering steel wire line

Induction heat tempering/annealing is an ideal technology for in-line and copper/steel wire heating applications.  The non-contact, direct coupling offers shorter line lengths, high efficiencies, and rapid, uniform heating for a wide variety of wire, strip and tube applications.
Induction heating technology is now accepted as the technology of choice for any high speed processing line or lines requiring compact heating combined with rapid response.  Examples of this technology adoption is hardening and tempering of carbon steel rod for spring wire and seam and full body annealing of carbon steel wire line, quench and temper lines for pipe, steel bar and wire, copper tube annealing, steel strip coating both metallic and organic and stainless steel wire annealing.  All of these examples have one common denominator – they are continuous and it the use of high speed induction heating technology that has made this possible.
DaWei Induction Tempering/Annealing Wire Lines produce spring wire suitable for cold coiling as used in a wide variety of wire-based products including automotive suspension springs, overhead garage door springs and general mechanical springs. A typical line will produce high quality spring wire from 6 to 16mm diameter in materials ranging from carbon steel through to the more exotic alloy steels such as SAE 9254 (Chrome Silicon) and SAE 9254V (Chrome Silicon Vanadium) at production rates of 1500kg/hour up to 3000kg/hour.
DaWei also offers environmentally friendly water quenching in place of older oil quenching in addition to eliminating the use of lead baths. With pay-off and take-up systems designed to allow continuous production, a DaWei induction tempering Spring Wire Line will also deliver maximum uptime in today’s very competitive market place.

DaWei has the expertise to provide complete induction heating/annealing/tempering solutions with wire line processing technology to produce spring wire of the highest quality with both consistency and repeatability to demanding international specifications.
With standard lines ranging from 1 - 3 tons per hour, covering diameters from 0.078" - 0.75" DaWei has solutions to cover all requirements.

induction heating wire line system